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Yes, I worked for THAT paper Company in SCranton, PA.

2008 - 2014
Shutterfly’s purpose is to help share life’s joy as the leading retailer and manufacturing platform for personalized products. Over the last few years, Shutterfly has made big strides and key acquisitions. Acquiring the following companies has helped them extend their reach: Lifetouch, Tiny Prints ($333M), BorrowLenses, and Groovebook. I came to Shutterfly from Tiny Prints where I worked as a web/print designer for the marketing team under the original founders. At Shutterfly, I was the creative lead for Treat, Shutterfly’s innovative greeting card brand at the time. Treat’s mission was to help people create the most thoughtful greeting cards (and photo gifts) in the most convenient way possible. Features like easy (card or photo gift) personalization, convenient mailing service, and helpful event reminders made Treat really unique at the time.

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