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Amanda Cole

Digital Media Content Manager

Le-Vel Thrive


Lisa Shanahan

Project Manager

22 Squared

Michael’s talent spans beyond even the highest expectations of a graphic designer’s job description, which I have benefited and relied on this past year with full trust as we've worked on the same team together. What is equally as impressive as his portfolio is his drive to improve every project he works on, with a discerning pulse on its strategy. He anticipates and seeks ways to make the most of a marketing initiative, while enabling unconsidered opportunities with his optimistic and collaborative outlook. These traits only complement his authentic desire to share the fundamentals of his multifaceted skillset with myself and others on a daily basis. Michael is a talented professional and an incredible human. Anyone would be lucky to work with or know him

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Michael, I have had the pleasure of directly managing Michael for two years, while at The Moorings, and he is a standout employee and designer. His ability to complete many projects simultaneously, from print to digital, and every type of collateral in-between has been very impressive. He can switch gears seamlessly between languages, brands, and types of files, and never fails to impress with his design skills. He is an asset to any team, and I am very happy that I got to work with him.


Chris Juhasz

Sr. Vice President

PLS 3rd Learning 


Glenn Lawless

Development Manager

InterMetro Industries

Michael contracted with us under an extremely challenging deadline. I was skeptical that any single person could meet our needs (creating and updating many files for one of our most important partners). Michael was responsive and professional, ramping up quickly and delivering ahead of schedule. He delivered complete and well-executed files matching our specs/requests - and exceeding our expectations. He will be first in queue when we need a contractor for work like this again.

Mike has an amazing skill-set. Not only is he a very creative multimedia designer, but he's the kind of guy who goes out of his way to "invent" new value. In a world of minimal, "do-it-to-spec" order-taking, it's refreshing to hear Mike's personable approach to actually collaborate with you on projects. Whatever capacity he is assisting an organization, I know he'll be successful.

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