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Assassin's Creed | Making the Cut

This once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to New York, speed-run a concept for one of my all-time favorite series Assassin's Creed was probably one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did I have the chance to collaborate with extraordinarily talented individuals but I also got an inside look at the entertainment industry. What was seen cannot be unseen and I've pursued it ever since. 

I made my mark in broadcasting and digital media. I was determined to making this cut created with passion of the game. To show the largest and most diversified television broadcasting leaders in the country that I had what it took to deliver.  My true success was the amazing bonds I made as a result of extraordinary people and exemplary coordinating team who believed in a vision and were dedicated to ensure all participants felt an undeniable sense of worth.  Whether you are an industry veteran or a just starting out, you were embraced and encouraged to push yourself. Valuable lessons were learned during my stint in The Big Apple, lessons I've carried through in every aspect of my career.

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