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Seeing the world, Differently.

I began with helping Sunsail, graphic designer/email specialist in my early years with the brand. The vision was all in the tagline: "For Sailors, By Sailors." The cleverly crafted slogan could not have embodied the essence of the brand more. Sunsail, stands for a get your hands on the wheel and explore approach to sailing. No excuses. Only laying it all on the line to bring your passion of sailing to life. "Sun"Sailors and wanderers crave the ocean and wind in their hair. They don’t enjoy the being taken care of style of vacationing but rather lose themselves cutting between islands. These types of sailors really makes them stand out above the competition and what made designing for the brand such an incredible experience.


As time went on I wore many hats: art director, content creator, guest-schmoozer, but I was most proud of the branding and design work I did. I captured the spirit of Sunsail by crafting fresh, intense, and bold looks in the sailing industry.

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