The Journey so far...

The Moorings purpose is to help share life’s luxuries as the leading yacht rental and manufacturing platform for personalized products. Over the last few years, The Moorings has made big strides with taking their artwork and digital content to the next level. I came to The Moorings from Mohegan Sun where I worked as a web/print designer for the marketing team under natives from the tribe in Connecticut.


At The Moorings, I am the creative lead, from pitching, developing and executing campaigns to planning, directing and producing international photoshoots. The Moorings mission was to help people create unforgettable moments on the water and that is exactly what I strive to do in everything I touch. Products like having an entire crew to deliver your every need, or enlisting a friendly skipper, or just having a  bareboat to yourself makes The Moorings experience unique, every time. 

From a creative standpoint, I oversaw content for email marketing, social media marketing, website design, display ads, print projects and worked cross-platform functionally with developers, designers, senior marketing managers, project managers, and copywriters. Launching 50 Years on the Water was a great learning experience and achievement for me as I worked with many different cross-functional teams to accomplish one goal—put the extraordinary experiences of every single guest into a massive memory arena.

I also championed developing and teaching what we called "EnRich": A six-month global initiative to streamline workload, transparency and quality. EnRich stabilized creative workflows, optimized digital assets (through data and insights) and held key figures accountability for the integrity of their work.  


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